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Joe Doran, YMCA

Joe Doran

Knowing that he would like to pursue a career in the growing field of Cybersecurity and that his goal was attainable and affordable, Joe Doran decided to enroll in Immaculata University’s online undergraduate Cybersecurity program.

As a head lifeguard and swim instructor at the Coatesville YMCA, Doran receives a 20% tuition discount through the new partnership between the Greater Brandywine YMCA and Immaculata. Employees may pursue any adult undergraduate program within the College of LifeLong Learning or master’s-level program through the College of Graduate Studies. Members of the YMCA system are also eligible for a 15% discount on tuition.

Working at the Coatesville YMCA (part of the Brandywine Y group) for over two years, Doran finds a balance between work, school and enjoying recreational sports and video games. Throughout his life, Doran has always been interested in technology and how different software interfaces with others. As he progresses through his Cybersecurity classes, he has identified two possible areas to specialize in: risk assessment and ethical hacking. He is intrigued by the recent “WannaCry” ransomware scheme and is amazed by its simplicity and virality. He asserts that it was only successful because so many people never bothered to install the patch that Microsoft provided earlier.

“Cybersecurity experts encourage automatic updates,” Doran states. He also acknowledges that corporations need to keep current on patches to fix holes in their systems and maybe even to catch holes before they become an issue.

As busy as Doran is, working two jobs that total 55 hours each week, he had some initial concerns about meeting the deadlines for his coursework. However, since the classes for his Cybersecurity major are offered 100% online, it has allowed him the flexibility to stay organized and on track with his assignments. Being comfortable with both writing and math, Doran is considering minoring in Math and Communication which will enhance his ability to specialize in consulting for risk assessment or ethical hacking. Ultimately he hopes to secure a high-level position within IT support.

For now, Doran is going to take one day at a time and enjoy his educational journey, even considering running cross country for Immaculata this fall. Amidst all that is going on in his life, Doran will make sure he continually updates all his devices!

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