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Gabriele Library

Gabriele Library

The library has always been a great place to learn –– for research or pleasure with books, magazines, periodicals, DVDs and more –– providing a wealth of material from around the world.

This past year, Immaculata University’s Gabriele Library was one of six academic libraries across the United States chosen to launch a new interlibrary loan (ILL) platform called TIPASA, re-named IUshare for the campus community.

TIPASA, a cloud-based application, is a service that provides access to the resources of other libraries. Students can use IUshare to borrow books and access PDFs of articles and book chapters from around the globe.

Since Immaculata was an “early adopter” of TIPASA, Gabriele Library staff members, Carla Sands and Sister Alice Schaebler, IHM, were asked by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), to develop and test the new product for six months. While other libraries around the world transition to TIPASA in the near future, Sands and Sister Alice will serve as consultants for other libraries in the area.

“Being a part of the development of this new product has been exciting and challenging,” states Carla Sands, ILL assistant at Immaculata University. “We are proud to say that we have had actual input that improved some of the features in the initial model.”

One of the benefits of IUshare is that students and faculty can request books 24-hours a day and have their requests processed immediately instead of waiting for staff to process it. Students will also be able to track their requests via email and/or text message and it will also be much easier for the user to renew and cancel their requests.

Author: lszyjka

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