Rocco Piliero

Rocco PilieroRocco Piliero ’14, business major and lacrosse player, has become an expert at time management. He juggles three part-time jobs, maintains a 3.5 GPA, is on the dean’s list and, outside of business courses, his favorite subjects are philosophy and psychology, both of which require plenty of reading, writing and thinking. “I’m pretty efficient when it comes to studying,” he said, “especially during lacrosse season.”

Piliero transferred to IU from the Community College of Baltimore County in Essex where he was a two-year starter in lacrosse, his team making it to the Final Four in the national championships during his second year. Now he plays for the Mighty Macs and he credits being part of that “community” of lacrosse players with making his transition to Immaculata that much easier.

“Lacrosse is really big in Eastern Pennsylvania, New York and Baltimore, and everyone kind of knows everyone else. It was definitely easier through lacrosse to make good friends here at Immaculata,” he said. “If you know one person on the team, you know everyone on the team. That really helped, especially coming in as a junior and living off campus.”

Piliero’s 10-minute commute was one of the factors in his decision to attend IU, along with the fact that his two older sisters, Lauren and Kelsey, are Immaculata graduates. Lauren, who lives in Seattle, was a business major and now works in sales; Kelsey is a teacher working with students at local high schools and middle schools. “Because my sisters went here, we knew everyone already, and the University was so helpful with grants and things like that.”

Piliero has started to investigate possible internships for next year and, after graduating, hopes to do something in healthcare-related sales. “I think that would be interesting,” he said. “I chose to major in business administration because it’s so broad, there are so many options, and I discovered that I really like sales and marketing. Of course, the other side of that is because the field is so broad, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly what I want to do.”

Two of his business teachers, Jacqueline Bull, Ph.D., and Joseph Pugh, D.M., have been especially helpful and encouraging to Piliero as he matures into his major. “They both get the whole class involved and engaged, and we’re always doing projects. They’re also both really easy to talk to if you need help.”

This summer, Piliero plans to “work as much as possible” at the three jobs he holds, one in landscaping and the other two in home maintenance and construction-related businesses. “I do lots of handyman stuff, from interior drywall and painting to outside roofing and siding. Basically, anything I can do with my hands.” He also wants to take a few online classes and, when he isn’t working or studying, he hopes to surf, play plenty of basketball, and go surf fishing with his dad. “I like anything that gets me outdoors, especially going to the beach. I’ll also be visiting my sister in Seattle.”

Piliero would recommend IU to any student looking for a place where “everyone knows your name.” His best advice to new students, whether incoming freshmen or transfers, is to get involved on campus. “Make friends with all the faculty—and the people in financial aid, because they can be so helpful. There are so many intramural activities offered that are great opportunities to meet other students and get to know them. And even though Immaculata is small, it is definitely growing. Ever since the University went coed, it’s been growing. IU is just a great place to be.”

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