Renovation to Music Facilities

IU's new Music Technology Lab

IU’s new Music Technology Lab

Immaculata University recently received a capital grant from The Presser Foundation for renovations to its Music Department facilities.  In support of Immaculata being designated as an All-Steinway School, upgrades to current facilities were undertaken including soundproofing the music practice rooms and upgrading the University’s Piano Lab to a Music Technology Lab.

Installation of the Music Technology Lab, which also functions as a Piano Lab, has enhanced music education and performance.  Upgrades to the lab have enabled the University to provide students with contemporary tools used to create and produce music.   Students are now provided with iMac computers where they use Practica Musica, which is a complete ear-training and music theory software for Macintosh and Windows computers.  Students learn by using software programs and apps such as Sibelius, Aurelia and even the more mainstream, GarageBand.  The new lab nurtures the fundamental skills of musicianship while teaching students how to apply the tools of technology to music composition, performance, recording, editing, production, and promotion.

The 11 iMac workstations (10 student and one instructor workstation) are each equipped with high quality digital pianos and headsets, as well as advanced development and research software.  The lab is also equipped with an audio network to enable communication between station computers for collaborative work.

“The new Music Lab is a great resource for faculty and students alike.  It represents an important step in continuing to keep IU’s Music Department up-to-date in the latest technology available in music academically and creatively today,” stated Leo Dugan, Ph.D., adjunct music faculty.

The generous grant from The Presser Foundation also supported the cost of adequately soundproofing the University’s music practice rooms.  The professional soundproofing has enabled students to produce better sound quality and reduce distractions.

Immaculata University is a comprehensive, Catholic, coeducational institution of higher education, located on the Main Line between Malvern and Exton, 20 miles west of Philadelphia.

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