Jayson Hyman ’09: Life Coach

Men's basketball coach Jayson HymanTo Coach Jayson Hyman, being able to lead a team is more about off-court role-modeling than the actual game itself. Don’t get him wrong, winning is very important, but how you win is equally important. These traits helped Hyman secure the job as the third head coach of the IU men’s basketball team.

The Mighty Macs’ first men’s basketball coach, Jamie Chadwin, had a young player who excelled as a small forward, a power forward, and center. His name: Jayson Hyman ’09. Hyman admits that some of the most fun he’s had was as an IU student. He and his friends built a strong bond with members of that first male undergraduate class. Hyman, an Exercise Science major, developed friendships on and off the court that are still flourishing today.

Hyman served as an assistant coach to the former women’s basketball head coach Patty Canterino from 2011 to 2014.  Drawing from his experience as a player on the first men’s Mighty Macs teams—winning, losing, but always trusting each other—Hyman wants to change the character of his current men’s team by exposing them to situations outside of the normal sports environment. He plans to have the team attend Paradise Farms in Downingtown, PA, a camp that provides hands-on outdoor learning and team building experiences, to help build that foundation of working together.

“If you don’t trust one another while [doing] hard labor, then you’re not going to trust your teammate on the court,” Hyman stated. “When you get a job, you’re working on a team—taking orders. It carries over in life.”

Hyman is concerned when the players ask: what’s next after basketball is over? Having graduated only eight years ago, he can still relate to roadblocks that his players may be dealing with and tries to make things easier for them during their four years of college and beyond.

That makes Coach Hyman more than just a basketball coach; it makes him a life coach.

Author: aduncan

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