IU Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

 Immaculata University (IU) is launching a campaign to join in the national fight against bullying.  Mac, the University’s mascot, is spreading the important message: Speak up, Be Mighty, if you see it or hear it, report it. IU’s anti-bullying campaign is geared toward IU students but is applicable to people of all ages off campus as well. Immaculata has created a website http://www.immaculata.edu/speakup with tips for recognizing if you, a friend or a family member may be a victim of bullying or if you, yourself, are participating in bullying behavior. The website also provides numerous resources, both on-campus and off, for putting an end to bullying.

IU is using Mac, Immaculata’s mascot, as the face of the campaign. Mac makes the anti-bullying message accessible by being an identifiable University symbol. Immaculata hopes that other schools, organizations, and businesses will use their own mascots to spread the word about the dangers of bullying.  Visit http://www.immaculata.edu/speakup/downloads/ to join Mac in this important campaign in your own place of business.

Various types of bullying occur every day in grade schools, high schools and universities, on sports teams, in the workplace, and online. The goal of Immaculata’s Speak Up, Be Mighty anti-bullying campaign is to raise awareness, identify the many situations and ways in which someone may be bullied, and equip students and the public with the tools and resources to cope with and put an end to bullying.

“Bullying impacts us all either directly through our own experiences or indirectly through the impact on [those around us.] Bullying disrupts our sense of comfort and security,” commented Maria Cuddy-Casey, Ph.D., associate professor of Psychology at Immaculata.  “Immaculata has taken a stand against bullying behavior in order to protect our culture of caring for each member of the IU community.  Please join me in embracing this culture of caring and support one another with kind words. Speak out against bullying…be mighty…stop bullying!”

Immaculata University is a Catholic, comprehensive, coeducational institution of higher education, located on the Main Line between Malvern and Exton, 20 miles west of Philadelphia.

Author: lszyjka

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