Immaculata University Offers Flexible Format for Master’s Degree in Organization Leadership

The Organization Studies Leadership program, housed in the College of Graduate Studies of Immaculata University, offers its master´s program, Organization Leadership, in flexible delivery modes. Students can earn their master´s degree in Organization Leadership in two years with the new accelerated delivery mode or they may go through the program at their own pace.
Most courses in the accelerated delivery format include one Saturday and five consecutive weekly meetings and include some online learning. Students may choose to enroll in more than one course per semester and can take advantage of summer classes offered annually.
Courses cover both the "people" and some of the key "business" elements natural to organizations and include issues that relate to employee involvement, organizational behavior, leadership, ethics, diversity, conflict and collaboration, project teams design, facilitation, adult learning, organizational development and change, finance, strategic planning and virtual work. There are two specializations: Organizational Effectiveness and Health Care Services.
Organizational Effectiveness
The specialization in Organizational Effectiveness focuses broadly on how individuals and groups in any industry and business function can be more effective at work. It presents different models for thinking about and various methods for helping individuals and groups and teams become more effective. Courses specific to this specialization emphasize deep understanding of groups, and facilitation and consulting skills.

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Health Care Services
The specialization in Health Care Services focuses sharply on the critical issues
facing the industry in its various contexts including hospitals, outpatient, and long-term care facilities and pharmaceutical, manufacturing and insurance companies. Because the health care industry´s environment is unique, special courses specific to health care have been developed in finance, organizational behavior and virtual technology. Other courses in health care round out the program including policies and law, ethics, pharmaceuticals, and economics.
Both specializations emphasize reflection on one´s own leadership behavior and developing goals to be a better leader.
Janice Jacobs, Ph.D., chair of the department of Organization Studies notes that "Business research now supports the notion that leadership can be developed. As well, the ability to lead comes down to a number of key variables which the students work on while in the program. Our students and graduates report not only transformational changes for themselves, but the ability to apply immediately their learning helping their workplace grow."
In addition to this master´s program in Organization Leadership, the College of Graduate Studies also offers other majors including educational leadership, music therapy, counseling psychology, cultural and linguistic diversity, nursing, and nutrition education. Doctoral degrees include Doctor of Psychology in clinical psychology (APA accredited) and school psychology and a Doctor of Education in educational leadership and administration.
Anyone interested in additional information about the master´s program in Organization Leadership should contact the College of Graduate Studies at 610-647-4400, ext. 3211 or attend an upcoming Open House.
Immaculata University, a Catholic coeducational institution, is located 20 miles west of Philadelphia, just south of the intersection of routes 30 and 352, between Paoli and Exton.

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