From NCLEX Nightmares to Living the Dream at 22

Ally Carmody '17

Ally Carmody ’17

Ally Carmody ’17 B.S.N., R.N.

It was the most important 90 minutes of Ally Carmody’s life thus far. Four years of hard work, perseverance and dedication was about to pay off…or at least all the indicators pointed in a positive direction. As a nursing student in the pre-licensure program at Immaculata University, Carmody took full advantage of the resources that the nursing faculty provided to help prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

Extra review classes and a computerized program that focused on content mastery provided Carmody with support and built her confidence. “The program decides where you’re weak and then prompts you to work on those subjects by reviewing concepts and providing mock exam questions,” she explains. According to Carmody, students who participate in the mock exams—and who receive an affirmative “green light” to proceed to the actual exam, have a 99 percent chance of passing the NCLEX.

The result: she passed the exam on her first try and earned her R.N. license.

Not only have Immaculata’s nursing students passed the NCLEX exams—they have excelled! Reaching the 96.67 percent pass rate is one of the best in the state of Pennsylvania and is well above the national average of 86.94 percent. However, the stats and numbers do not tell the whole story.

Most people attend college to prepare for a professional career and Carmody is no exception. With a love of babies and children, she always knew she wanted to be a pediatric nurse with the goal of working at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Immediately after graduating and receiving her R.N., Carmody accepted a full-time position in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CHOP. Still in her early twenties, Carmody is already working her dream job.

“I am doing exactly what I want to be doing,” she states.

“Immaculata is like no other college, especially the nursing department,” Carmody asserts. She is impressed by the faculty’s dedication. “They worked from home, on the weekends and they worked late into the night—especially on the nights before our exams when we still had lingering questions or a complete meltdown and needed someone to calm us down!”

Benefitting from the encouragement of the faculty, Carmody passed along the support to her classmates after she was the first IU student from the class of 2017 to take and pass the exam. “I knew every one of them could pass the exam so I just kept encouraging them and giving them the confidence to get through it.”

“I would highly recommend the Immaculata University nursing program. It is really hard work, but the professors encourage and counsel you every step of the way, and prepare you for real-world nursing.”

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