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On Saturday, August 26, the entire Immaculata University class of 2021, approximately 200 students, along with various campus officials and student-mentors, will participate in service projects on-campus and also at one off-site location in Philadelphia (see schedule below). Giving back to the community has always been at the crux of Immaculata’s New Student Orientation. This year, students will also be incorporating a three-credit seminar class along with 15 hours of experiential learning throughout the semester.

Before the new students begin their service projects, they will review the Social Change Model and the Seven C’s, a leadership model that focuses on individual values, group process values, and community/societal values. Connections between this model and the University’s Core Value of service will be explored.

“This leadership model particularly connects to students who would not identify as leaders in the traditional sense,” explains Catherine Mattingly, Associate Dean of Students. “This model emphasizes leading by example through one’s actions, talents, and teamwork. It helps to open a student’s mind regarding how to contribute to the greater community in meaningful ways.”

In addition to their day of service, new students will be participating in First Year Seminars (FYS) which are designed to equip students for college-level learning and to prepare them for academic success. The three-credit, full-semester seminar courses are taught by full-time Immaculata faculty and topics vary across academic disciplines from current events and pop culture to philosophy and theological issues.

The seminars are designed to help students by cultivating their motivation to learn; by enabling them to think more logically, systematically, and integratively; and by equipping them with skills they need to be effective readers and writers.

“The aims and outcomes of FYS express the hope that the program will equip students with skills, self-knowledge, and habits they need to make the most of their education at Immaculata and their learning beyond college,” states Stephen Miles, Ph.D., associate professor of Theology and director of the FYS program.

List of Service Activities

On-campus, 1145 King Road, near Malvern, PA 19345

Rescuing Stone Markers (Rose Arbor Trees)

  • 29 students
  • Digging up and cleaning Rose Arbor Class Markers that have sunk into the ground in order to be reset by facilities. Some have been entirely covered. This project will bring awareness to this significant tradition and preserves the legacy of past classes.

Prepping IU Garden

  • 6 students
  • Assist with clean-up and prep of garden for planting and fall classes. Assists with prep for peers participating in related classes and raises awareness of the gardens and clubs associated with the environment.

Cradles to Crayons and Archdiocese Nutritional Development Services

  • 50 students
  • Packing backpacks and writing encouraging notes for students. This contributes to an established C2C program that provides students in need with supplies for a successful academic year.
  • Packing snack bags for Archdiocese Outreach Program
  • Fills an immediate need for the organization and saves the organization resources (time, food, money)

Prepping Used Chairs for Donation

  • 50 Students
  • 60 solid wood chairs will be sanded and painted with positive messages for a local school. The primary goal is to encourage positive thinking and treating others with respect (promotes anti-bullying).

Camilla Hall (1145 King Road, near Malvern, PA 19345)

  • 20 students
  • 10 students will be helping in the kitchen with organizing and prepping materials. The other 10 students will be prepping art materials for the Sisters.


Saint Rose of Lima School
1522 North Wanamaker Street, Philadelphia 19131

  • 25 students (plus student-leaders)
  • Students will be mulching and weeding the playground, and they will also be raking leaves to fix up the school before students arrive back to school.

Located on the Main Line in scenic Chester County, 20 miles west of Philadelphia, Immaculata University is a Catholic comprehensive, coeducational institution of higher learning. On November 12, 1920, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted a college charter at the request of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) thus making Immaculata the first Catholic women’s college in the region. The IHM Sisters’ mission of educating women for more than 165 years has produced approximately 22,000 alumni worldwide and currently has nearly 3,000 students enrolled in 53 undergraduate majors, seven master’s degree programs, three doctoral degree programs, and over 40 additional professional endorsement, certificate and certification programs. Immaculata University contributes to the development of the whole p

person of any faith, fostering a commitment to truth, service, justice, and peace.

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