Faculty Present Teach-In on Important Social Issues

Immaculata University

Immaculata University

Several faculty members of Immaculata University are holding a “teach-in” on Thursday, November 3, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. in the Green Room. The teach-in, titled Clashing Voices is a forum to help students discuss important social topics at a higher level. Expert faculty will weigh in on topics such as social media, student activism, and free speech.

“Given the complex nature of recent current events dominating our news cycles, the coming Presidential election, and our public modes of communication involving social media, now is the time to explore what we mean by “responsible citizenship, free speech, and civil discourse” in the context of higher education,” stated Stephanie Theodorou, Ph.D., professor of Philosophy and chair of Immaculata’s Honors Program.

Participating faculty include April Herring, Ed.D., assistant professor of Higher Education; Peggy Schooling, Ed.D., assistant professor of Education; and Sean Flannery, Ph.D., associate professor of English.  John Stafford, Ed.D., vice president for Student Development and Engagement and dean of students, will serve as moderator.

Following is a partial list of topics and descriptions:

Student Activism Perspectives: by Dr. April Herring
It never starts with a protest, but that’s all we talk about. Through examining student activism on college campuses through history, we can explore what happens when discourse becomes uncivil and what we can learn from examining history.

Creating Space for Dialogue: by Dr. Peggy Schooling
The way we make sense of our world is often invisible to us. However, we need to find the space to hold many different ideas – those that come from our own personal knowledge, popular knowledge (TV and internet), and academic knowledge. In doing so, we can raise our level of civil discourse through discussion and debate in order to create a third space that enriches comprehension, empathy, and community.

Social Media: by Dr. Sean Flannery
Social media’s leverage of important social issues is not always the easiest and most acceptable form but it is the most impactful.

The teach-In is sponsored by the Honors program and Student Development and Engagement.  The event is free and open to the public.

Immaculata University is a Catholic, coeducational institution of higher learning, located on the Main Line between Malvern and Exton, 20 miles west of Philadelphia.

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