Alexandra Geditz, M.D.

Alexandra Suslow GeditzAlexandra Geditz (Suslow) ’91 always wanted to help people. Combining that desire with her fascination with science made medicine a natural choice.

Her choice of Immaculata for pre-med studies, however, was a bit more interesting.

“When I applied to colleges, I made a deal with God,” said Geditz. “I said that I would go to the first school that accepted me.”

Immaculata turned out to be that school and, as Geditz put it, “It was one of the best deals I ever made.”

For Geditz, “Those were the four best years of my life. I learned that I could be whatever I wanted to be. Coming from a coed high school and then going to a coed medical school, I knew I could beat any guy by miles. I had never realized it before Immaculata.

“Academically, it speaks for itself,” said Geditz. “All of those in our class who applied to med school got in and got their first choice.”

Geditz remembers several teachers standing out in her memory, including Sister Marie Hubert Kealy, who teaches English and drama, as well as Sister Marian Monahan; Dr. Piatka; and Dr. Dugan.

“Dr. Dugan was an amazing lady,” Geditz said. “That such an elegant person could be so smart and so knowledgeable, and I know that she loved her students.”

Geditz received her acceptance to Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska during the school year and shared the good news with one of the Sisters.

“She just said to me, ‘Oh, that’s nice,’” said Geditz. “But by dinner time that day all of the Sisters were coming up to me and congratulating me. Immaculata was like home to me.”

Geditz attended Creighton for her training and residency in internal medicine before going to the University of Nebraska for three years. She was especially interested in geriatrics, but found that it became difficult to achieve the necessary work/life balance, given the heavy patient care and time demands. “I always enjoyed working with the elderly,” said Geditz. “Back home in Aruba, elderly family members and friends often complained that someone had told them they were too old to do this or that, but I knew they were active and productive, or could be with the right care and treatment.

“It was the whole problem of their being forgotten,” she said, “and I thought that was an injustice. I always enjoyed visiting people in the nursing homes, and that’s what I miss the most. If I get the chance to do it again, I would do a nursing home position.”

Geditz admitted that it was a difficult decision to leave geriatrics, but her family took precedence.

“That’s something else I brought with me from Immaculata,” she said. “You need to do what’s best for you. You need to make your own decisions about what’s really important in your life. Career is important, but your personal life can’t be impaired by it. Deep down you know what’s good for you.”

Since 2003, Geditz has been a staff physician with Urgent Care Centers of Omaha, NE, where she handles everything from minor illnesses and injuries to stabilizing heart attack victims for transport.

“It’s ‘emergency room lite.’ We don’t do any big surgical interventions, but we deal with things that people need taken care of as soon as possible,” said Geditz. “Basically we help the ER by managing the cases that would clog them up. Anything minor to mid-acuity we can handle.”

Geditz enjoys helping patients and seeing the immediate results of a small intervention, whether it’s helping a kid with something stuck in his ear or someone with a painful abscess that needs draining.

“When I hear someone say, ‘Oh, that feels so much better,’ when you can take care of something right then and there, that feels good,” she said.

These days, Geditz balances her work life in a variety of ways. She and her husband homeshool their daughter; they travel regularly around the country and to the Caribbean where Geditz helps care for an elderly aunt; and Geditz has discovered the fun of Facebook, connecting with family and friends she hasn’t heard from in years. One of her partners even got her into knitting, a hobby Geditz likes as a way to relax and keep her fingers nimble.

Geditz’s favorite way to have fun, though, is with her daughter Diana, whom she describes as “8 going on 40.” They went to see the Mighty Macs movie on opening day, and Geditz said, “There I was with my Immaculata shirt on, talking through the whole film. Diana loved it, sitting there so excited and caught up in the suspense. It was a lot of fun.”

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