15 New Steinway Pianos Delivered to IU

In celebration of Immaculata University becoming an All-Steinway School, 15 brand-new Steinway pianos purchased from Jacobs Music were delivered to campus on Thursday, May 3.  A total of 26 Steinways will be housed at Immaculata University.  A concert on Saturday, October 6, featuring Steinway Artist and Immaculata professor of Music, William Carr, D.M.A., will serve as the official announcement of Immaculata University becoming an All-Steinway School.

With a commitment to a world-class music program, Immaculata offers undergraduate degrees in Music, Music Education, and Music Therapy.  Students can also earn a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy as well.  In addition to the academic programs, Immaculata has a rich history in music performance and supports numerous musical ensembles.

B&N, professional piano movers, arrived at Immaculata at 9 a.m. and began “parading” the pianos into the buildings on campus.  Two grand pianos, a Steinway M and a Steinway S, were delivered, as well as 13 upright pianos.  A Steinway D Piano will be chosen directly from Steinway’s headquarters in New York City and delivered at a later date.

For more information on the Steinway pianos or on Immaculata’s music programs, please contact the Music Department at 610-647-4400, ext. 3453.

Author: lszyjka

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